Computer Sales & Service

Corporate Planning and Management

Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your corporate future.

Crisis Management

There are risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive and personal advice before a crisis hits.

Finance and Accounting

No matter the size your business, sound finance and accounting is essential in running a successful business. NYCT's professionals can guide you through your financial obstacles.

Web Development and Design

We can design a web site tailored for your business no matter the size. Then after your web site is developed we will host your site and update as needed. Our small firm approach will keep you in touch with your market today!

Web Design

A PC Clinic

Website Design and Hosting as well as Small Business Consulting.

Services Provided by New York Consulting and Technologies LLC

New York Consulting and Technologies LLC. offers service in all areas of web site development
and design, hosting and  business management to companies of all sizes
in a wide variety of industries. Some of their important practice
areas are listed below.

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